Do you knit/crochet brisbane?

pics from our crafters…


7 Responses to Do you knit/crochet brisbane?

  1. DOREEN LEMAY says:

    How do I get my knitted items to a charity?

    • Janice Young says:

      My mother and I would like to donate knitted squares or crocheted rugs, also participate in social groups. Please assist with details for us. Thank you.

  2. Hannah says:


    I was doing a search for knitting enthusiasts in Brisbane and came across this blog. Brisbane Festival is looking for donations and participants to take part in a project “A Close Knit” set to take place around Brisbane during the Festival. More info on the Facebook Notes page at Feel free to get in touch with me if you need more info.


  3. Saho says:

    Hi, I just looked at all of your work on website and really inspired to learn knitting.
    I have never done knitting but could I join this social club? I am so excited!
    Please keep me posted. (I registered Email subscription)
    Thank you

  4. Kallista Ruiter says:

    With all of the rain and the floods here in Brisbane, I have decided to crochet rugs for the RSPCA and The Salvo’s. Does anyone want to join me?

  5. Katrina says:

    I am interested in joining a knitting and crochet class. Can you help please? I live on the Southside of Brisbane. I have some basic knitting a little bit of crochet.

  6. les says:

    I am am semi retired and would like to donate some items that i have knitted where do i drop them of,

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