It’s cold in our City of Brisbane, and contrary to most perceptions of our mild south-east Queensland climate – we do have a winter!

We also have a thriving year round knitting and crochet scene bubbling away both indoors and outdoors, in inner city cafes, pubs, houses, church halls and dedicated craft venues.

It may be the  person sitting next you at work is an underground knitter, they may be a closet crocheter… how would you know? In our city, craft is a revolution emerging again.


I Knit Brisbane was a large community knitting and crochet project which ran from February to June 2010. The installation of knitted and crocheted objects took place overnight on the 31st of May intertwining and colouring the city for the first day of winter.

In Brisbane’s CBD and Stones Corner, installations of large and small soft sculpture (knitted, crocheted or woven public art) marked the first day of winter – Tuesday June 1 – and remained in place for three weeks, warming up many winter days.


Each green heart marker signified an installation area. Keeping eyes peeled, many found  wonderful creations right in front of them, daily routines were enhanced with small tokens (mushrooms, strawberries and green hearts) colouring the cityscape.

Over 800 crafters from all over Brisbane and beyond have been involved in I Knit Brisbane. Young people, school students, artists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, multicultural communities, seniors groups and many of Brisbane’s knitting/crochet associations have contributed to the project.

A big thank you to all the beginners, re-discoverers, whimsicals and masters of craft that have helped make this fantastic project happen.

I Knit Brisbane is supported by Brisbane City Council through the Lord Mayor’s Creative City Initiative.